Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 4-01-09

Fanning the Flames?
President Obama is in London for the G20 Summit and is trying to rally support for his plans to solve the global economic crisis.  Are we moving closer to a One World Government?  Dr. John Rutledge joins Tom.
"Controlled" Bankruptcy
The New York Times is reporting that the Obama administration wants to ease GM into a ‘controlled’ bankruptcy.  Do you buy it?  Plus, more reasons why the Chrysler-Fiat deal looks like a clunker.
"Idol" Castoff
After all the fuss over AIG, it turns out aides on Capitol Hill also got hefty 2008 bonuses.  And, the biggest cigarette tax in history takes effect today.  Plus, American Idol castoff Michael Sarver sits down with Tom, and Juliet Huddy discusses last night’s episode.