Friday, March 27, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 3-27-09

FBN Anchor Brian Sullivan fills in for Tom toda
Sounds good, but…
Some big banks say they'd rather pay back the TARP money.  If they do, they can avoid what happened with AIG and pay their employees without any congressional scrutiny.  It sounds good, but would giving the money back to the government really be better for taxpayers?
7 Ridiculous Roads
Many states are anxious to start spending the stimulus money, but it seems some of their plans aren't really necessary.  Are projects like new bus garages, building suicide fences and educating the homeless really going to stimulate the economy?  Plus, editor Jeb Reed will talk about the 7 most ridiculous new roads being built in America!
Easy Money
States all over the country are using tactics like issuing more traffic tickets and enacting transit fare hikes to generate revenue.  But isn't that just another way to tax the lower and middle classes?  Plus, NJ State Sen. Ray Lesniak tells Brian why sports gambling should be legalized in NJ.