Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 3-26-09

Spencer Hughes is in for Tom today.
Record Joblessness
President Obama held the first ever internet town hall from the White House today to address Americans' concerns for the country.  Meanwhile, this week jobless claims hit an all-time high. How is the failing economy affecting lifestyles and relationships?
Tent Cities
Homeless "Tent cities" are beginning to spring up across the country -- seemingly because of massive job losses.  President Obama even addressed the issue on Tuesday.  Is the bad economy really to blame, or are people like Oprah blowing this story out of proportion?   
California Killer
Four veteran police officers were gunned down in Oakland, California last weekend by an ex-con who is also suspected of another murder and a rape.  So why are people holding vigils for the shooter?  And how did the parole board lose sight of this guy?