Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 3-24-09

Spencer Hughes is in for Tom Sullivan
Unprecedented Powers
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner wants the authority to seize more than just failing banks.  He wants to be able to take over other shaky companies like insurers and investment firms too.  Is that a good fall back plan or a slippery slope?
Desperate for Money
Across the country, officials are proposing all kinds of taxes just to cover the cost of government operations.  Are Americans expecting too many services?  Are we raising our kids to rely too heavily on the government?
Buy American?
The U.S. has decided to save money by buying from China the billions of AIDS-preventive condoms it now sends to foreign countries.  But that move will cost 300 American jobs.  In this economy what's more important, saving money or saving jobs?