Friday, March 20, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 3-20-09

Smart Move?
Considering the economic crisis, was it appropriate for President Obama to appear on The Tonight Show last night?  Plus, the President has apologized for his Special Olympics gaffe -- will he go easy on the next pundit who makes an insensitive remark?
Wall Street Worries
Why would any qualified, talented employee stay with a company like Citi or AIG if retention bonuses and salaries will be denied or clawed back?  Tom explains why Wall Street is worried.  Plus, TALF begins today and hedge funds want nothing to do with the Fed's program.
Airline Security
The TSA denies a recent report that President Obama is trying to end the pilot gun program. However, the agency has stepped up security checks at airports and created more regulations for smaller planes.  Tom talks airline security.