Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 3-18-09

Claw Backs
Should the government claw back the AIG bonuses?  AIG CEO Edward Liddy testifies in front of a House committee today.  Tom will break it down.  Plus, Is "Tiny Tim's" job safe?
Not "Shovel Ready"
States have the stimulus money and are ready to spend it.  But the Obama administration wants to make sure it's spent "appropriately".  What does that mean?  Also, those "shovel ready" projects aren't quite as ready as the President thought.
More Airport Hassles
President Obama is quietly ending the federal firearms program that allowed pilots to carry guns on airplanes.  Is he risking public safety in the name of anti-gun ideology?  Plus, last week’s “American Idol” castoff Jorge Nunez joins Tom, and Juliette Huddy gives us her take on this year’s competition.