Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 3-12-09

Spencer Hughes is filling in for Tom Sullivan today.
Failing Grades
Economists are giving failing grades to President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner, and are skeptical about the administration's plans to rescue the banking sector.  How are you dealing with the constant economic doom and gloom?  Is all this bad news stressing you out? 
Just Look Busy!
With massive layoffs and so much uncertainty in the job market, one business coach says the key to keeping your job is to learn to LOOK busy!  What???  Plus, the state of Minnesota is planning to pass high school students even if they fail the graduation exam!  Spencer wants to know what’s going on... 
Broken Promises
Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol has broken off her engagement to the teenage father of her baby.  Why is the liberal left up in arms?  Plus, critics say singer Rihanna should just walk away from her boyfriend Chris Brown after he beat her to a pulp last month.  But is it that easy to get out of an abusive relationship?