Friday, February 20, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 2-20-09

Clinton's Advice for Obama

Today former President Bill Clinton said President Obama should be more positive and assure Americans that we'll get through these hard economic times.  Why does he continue to be so negative?  Should the President be more of a cheerleader for the U.S.?

Drastic Times...

A growing number of experts and public officials are saying it may be time to nationalize some of the country's largest banks.  It's a drastic measure, but is it the only way for the United States to get out of this economic mess?

A Tribute

Tom pays tribute to groundbreaking cancer researcher John Kanzius.  In a recent interview, the former radio technician explained to Tom how radio waves may be the key to curing cancer.  His promising method of treatment may soon be tested on humans.