Friday, February 27, 2009

FW: What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 2-27-09

Another Citi Rescue
Citigroup has reached a deal for the government to increase its stake in the struggling bank-- will other banks do the same?  And, the FDIC may raise fees to cover their rapidly draining insurance fund.  How will all these changes affect you?
"Rosy Assumptions"
Are President Obama's big plans for the country based on over-optimistic economic forecasts?  And, Tom explains why taxing the rich will especially hurt charities.  Plus, the stimulus will allow communities to hire more cops - is that what we need?
Homeowner Woes
Tom says President Obama's plan to reduce the mortgage-interest deduction is a big mistake.  And, most home value losses are coming from four states -- CA, FL, AZ and NV.  Should all the other states have to pay the price?  Plus, FL Gov. Charlie Crist wants existing homeowners to pay the taxes for first-time buyers!