Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do You Have What it Takes?     
Some say President Obama has been too negative about the economy – will he change his tune in tonight’s address to Congress?  Plus, consumer confidence is at a record low.  How is all this bad economic news affecting the mood of the country?  Can you handle these tough times?  
Isn't that "Nationalization"?
Tonight President Obama will tell Americans how he plans to shore up the economy.  Although he may not use the term “nationalization”, is that what he’s really planning for some of the country’s largest banks?  Plus, the city of Houston may give first-time home buyers $3,000 to help them pay off debts or improve their credit scores.
Can They Do That?
Credit card companies are raising rates to “reflect the current risk environment.”  Should they be allowed to change your rate at any time or should the government step in to stop them?  Plus, American Express is paying cardholders to close their accounts!