Friday, January 16, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 01-16-09

** GUEST HOST: Spencer Hughes ** ‘


Over The Top? ~ President-Elect Obama’s inauguration will be the most expensive in American history. Is that appropriate during these tough times? PLUS …. Miracle on the Hudson: US Airways Flight 1549 survivor Vince Spera tells his amazing story.


Reigning Them In ~ Are we giving our children too much freedom? "Sexting” is the new trend among teens. How do parents and society control this? And is charging them with child pornography charges an over reaction? Spencer weighs in.


Bailout Bonanza ~ With Bank of America receiving more bailout money and Citigroup in the middle of a government-influenced “shake up”, are we heading toward nationalization? And what impact will the stimulus have? FBN’s Elizabeth Macdonald joins Spencer.