Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 01-08-09

Any Hope? ~ President-elect Barack Obama laid out his stimulus plan today. He said only government can boost us from a recession this deep and severe. Do we need the government to get out of this economic crisis? And will his plan work?  Tom breaks it all down.


Giving Back ~ School officials in Georgia are asking teachers to voluntarily give back their pay raises to help save money. Would you take a pay cut or refuse a raise to help save someone’s job? PLUS: Detroit Schools: Have a square to spare?


Unfair Blame ~ Jett Travolta’s memorial was held today, but some are still saying that John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s belief in Scientology is partly to blame for their son’s tragic death. Tom comes to the defense of Jett’s grieving parents and their controversial faith.