Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 09-09-08

Who’s Next? ~~ 2008 has been the year of the bailout. Earlier this year it was Bear Stearns. Now it’s Fannie and Freddie, the auto industry and state unemployment funds. How will this affect the economy?  When will it stop?


Sifting through the Dirt ~ We’re still flushing out the facts about Governor Sarah Palin. Did she gaffe when discussing Fannie and Freddie? Did she truly ‘flip-flop” on the Bridge to Nowhere? Will any of this mud stick to Gov. Palin?


Changing His Tone ~~ For years, the Democrats have said that the Bush tax cuts have been a disaster. But now Obama is saying that he won’t rescind them if we slip in to a recession. Is this change we can believe in?