Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 07-16-08


Rules are Rules ~~ Manson family member Susan Atkins and a teen accused of killing a US soldier in Afghanistan are both asking for special treatment. How far can compassion go?  Why do people who break the rules expect the rules to be broken for them?


Government Intrusion ~~ The SEC wants to put limits on short selling and naked short selling. Tom explains why this is a bad idea. And are you ready Stimulus II!? PLUS: FBN’s Peter Barnes on how Fannie and Freddie bought influence in Washington.


Comeback ~~ America has fallen in love with Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton and his inspiring story. But is it premature to praise his comeback from drug addiction? Are we setting him up to fail? PLUS: Brett “Big Crybaby” Favre wants to return to Football.