Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 01-16-08

Michigan Roundup ~~ After three states and three different winners, the GOP race remains wide open! Romney may have collected the most votes but was Rudy Giuliani the big winner last night? PLUS: Is John Edwards the King Maker?


Tiger Tragedy ~~ The shocking 9-1-1 calls from last month’s San Francisco Zoo tiger attack have been released. Will they shed more light on the tragic case? Tom has the spine-tingling audio.


Idol Hysteria! ~~ Sure, Tom likes to discuss the world’s most pressing issues but he is also a HUGE American Idol fan. Tom will discuss the best and worst from last night’s two hour premiere with the co-host of The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and Idol uber-fan, Juliet Huddy.