Friday, December 21, 2007

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 12-21-07

Toss-Up ~~ With less than two weeks before the Iowa Caucus, both races are wide-open! Will Rudy and Hillary falter? Who is the true sleeper candidate?  Best selling Author of “Meet the Next President: What You Don’t Know About the Candidates,” Bill Sammon joins Tom.


Christmas Potpourri ~~ Airport screening is “pointless” but will still frustrate you holiday travelers. Some are saying Old Saint Nick is TOO FAT. And a heartwarming tradition will continue in Kansas City. Tom picks from the holiday grab bag.


Financial Friday ~~ How much are you supposed to tip your paperboy? What’s the best way to pay off those gifts you charged? How should you stay out the RED and hold on to your GREEN? Tom offers his priceless financial advice.