Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 12-12-07

Iowa Fisticuffs ~~ The Republican Presidential hopefuls got one last chance at each other today. Who won the final GOP debate before next month’s Iowa Caucus? Will Governor Huckabee be able to maintain his momentum? Tom covers the debate from every angle.


Staying Out Of the Red? ~~ New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks it is okay to give our jobs to China! While many Americans are worried about losing their jobs to outsourcing, the billionaire believes a growing China is good for our nation! Is Bloomberg a heartless capitalist pig or does he actually have a point?


Air Buds ~~ New York Senator Chuck Schumer is at again. This time he is taking on the FAA and wants to revamp airport technology to prevent near-misses. But would Chuck’s rich friends in the airline industry have anything to do with his sudden concerns about air safety?