Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 12-11-07

Pure Poppycock ~~ Warren Buffet should stick to picking stocks and forget about economic policy. The billionaire supporter of both Hillary and Barack may know how to make money but his taxing the ‘super rich’ plans will only cost the country big.  Tom explains why the capitalist is sounding more and more like a socialist every day.


GOP Gloom ~~ The Republican party is not impressed. According to a new poll, Rudy, Romney and the rest of the gang have left Republican voters uninspired. Who from the field of GOP candidates will eventually emerge and wake up their lethargic base? PLUS: The Huckabee attacks won’t end.


Let It Be ~~ Some of the very things designed to protect us often cause significant collateral damage. From consumer advocacy groups to sexual harassment lawsuits, Tom explains why sometimes it’s better just to leave well enough alone.