Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 12-06-07

Terror Attorneys? ~~ The Supreme Court will soon rule whether or not terror suspects have the right to habeas corpus. Should Gitmo detainees have access to a fair trial or will allowing potential terrorists the opportunity to lawyer up endanger Americans? Judge Napolitano joins Tom.


Faith Expectations ~~ Romney finally delivered his much-hyped “Faith in Americaspeech. Did the speech do more harm than good? Will the Presidential hopeful’s Mormon faith prevent him from winning the nomination? PLUS: Do Americans apply a religious test when choosing a President?


Wordsmith Walkout ~~ The writers’ strike continues to march on and the networks continue to feel the crunch. How long will we be stuck with re-runs? Saturday Night Live writer, Bryan Tucker explains to Tom why he and his fellow scribes continue to picket!