Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-14-10

Haiti Help
It looks as if the US will be leading the massive recovery effort after Haiti's deadly earthquake. But considering our own financial crisis, is long-term aid to Haiti an investment we should make? Are we obligated to help our neighbors? Tom will have the latest.
"Responsibility Fee"
President Obama has unveiled a new bank tax. The "financial crisis responsibility fee" is supposed to help financial institutions pay back TARP money. But if most of the deficit is related to bailouts of the auto industry and Fannie and Freddie, why aren’t they paying this new "fee"? PLUS: more bad job numbers, and even worse foreclosure numbers.
"Amish Exemption"
Obama is trying to convince House Democrats to back the more moderate Senate health care bill. But will even more costs be passed on to us? Tom talks health care including the Amish exemption and the Massachusetts factor. Plus, Conan continues to bash Leno and NBC.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's on the Tom Sullivan Show 1-13-10

Earthquake in Haiti
Tom talks to 60 Minutes Correspondent Scott Pelley about the impoverished island and its national hero Wyclef Jean.  Then, Bill Canny from Catholic Relief Services will tell us the latest on the relief effort.  And, Professor of American and Caribbean Studies at NYU, Millery PolynĂ© will fill us in on the history, politics and culture of the island.
2 Million Jobs?
President Obama says the stimulus saved or created 2 million jobs. But is it true?  Not only is there little proof that the stimulus created jobs, new studies show tax incentives probably won't either.
Amish Exemption
The Democrats are working out the final details of their health care bill. One particular item makes Amish people exempt from buying health insurance.  Is that unconstitutional? PLUS: The latest on the health care debate and the NBC Late Night wars.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-11-09

Reid's Racial Remark
Republicans want Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to resign over racial comments he made about Barack Obama before he became President.  Democrats and the Black Caucus are standing by Reid, but would a Republican get the same pass?  PLUS: the Census forms include the word “Negro” on them.  Is “Negro” an offensive word?
"Cadillac Tax"
The largest hurdle in the health care negotiations seems to be the Senate bill’s “Cadillac tax”.  President Obama, who was once against the tax, is now trying to convince labor leaders to get behind the levy on expensive health benefits.  Is Obama committing political suicide by taking on the unions?
Late Night Shakeup
NBC announced over the weekend that they're cancelling "The Jay Leno Show".  If Leno returns to late night, what happens to Conan O'Brien?  Should Conan move to another network?  Would it be a career mistake for Leno to return to his 11:35 timeslot?  Tom weighs in.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-8-10

Steady at 10%
Disappointing jobless numbers may be even worse than they appear. Tom explains why the unemployment rate may become a big problem for Obama and the Democrats come November.  Plus, President Obama will announce new funding for clean technology manufacturing in the hopes of creating more jobs.  Will this be clunker-of-a-program from the White House?
Trouble for "Tiny Tim"
Treasury Secretary "Tiny Tim" Geithner is accused of telling AIG to keep quiet about payments it made to banks when he was the head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.  Former Lehman Brothers VP Lawrence G. McDonald, author of the bestseller "A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers" joins Tom to weigh in.
"Depression Ahead"?
How can the Republicans win the support of a very angry public?  RNC Chairman and author of “Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda” Michael Steele sits down with Tom.  Plus, will 2010 bring another massive economic crash?  Harry Dent, author of “The Great Depression Ahead”, joins Tom to share his forecast for the coming year.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-7-10

"Shocking" Report
National Security Advisor James Jones says the report on the failed Christmas bomb attack will be ‘shocking’. Tom’s not sure why the government’s failures are considered shocking to anyone anymore! PLUS: U.S. officials learned of the bombing suspect’s extremist links while he was en route to Detroit. So why wasn’t action taken while the plane was in flight?
Trouble for Tiny Tim?
Some say recent unemployment data suggests employers will begin hiring again, but others believe we're not out of the woods yet. Do you think businesses are ready to hire new employees?  PLUS: Geithner’s New York Fed told AIG to keep quiet about bank deals during the financial crisis.  Is "Tiny Tim" in big trouble?
Orszag Love Child
White House Budget Director Peter Orszag has gotten himself into a little baby-mama drama.  Just weeks before he got engaged to an ABC financial reporter, his ex-girlfriend gave birth to his love-child.  Should the right back off Orszag?  PLUS: was Brit Hume out of line when he suggested Tiger Woods turn to Christianity?  And, disturbing audio of a drunk school bus driver.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-6-10

Dem Departures!
Three high profile Democrats have dropped their plans to run for reelection this November.  Senators Dodd (CT), Sen. Dorgan (ND) and Gov. Ritter (CO) join a handful of Democrats who have recently thrown in the towel.  How will these developments affect the President's agenda and the future of the party?
C-SPAN Challenge!
C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb has asked top Democrats to televise the final health care negotiations.  Are they shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to allow TV coverage?  Also, President Obama is meeting with key house Democrats today.  Will he be able to convince the far left to concede major parts of the health care reform bill?
Thanks Chris Dodd!
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd’s overreaches on banks and credit cards have had a dramatic impact on the consumer.  Tom explains why Dodd’s tighter regulations have made your life more difficult and why we should all be saying good riddance to the outgoing Connecticut senator.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-5-10

California Bailout?
California is running out of cash and asking Washington for a ‘bailout’.  Will the federal government cough up the dough?  Meanwhile, California truck drivers say new "green" rules will put them out of business.  How do states expect to recover if they keep chasing out business?  Why can't leaders connect the dots?
New Security Strategy
Ever since the Christmas bombing attempt, the White House has been trying to convince the country that they’re serious about airline security.  Today President Obama will unveil his new strategy to make air travel safer.  But aren’t tighter regulations meaningless if other countries refuse to comply?
TV Transparency
Mary Schiavo, former Inspector General of the Department of Transportation, joins Tom to share how she would improve airport security.  PLUS: CSPAN CEO Brian Lamb is asking top Democrats to televise the final health care negotiations.  Will Obama, Pelosi and Reid agree and keep their promises of transparency?